Osterman Propane is fueled by an old fashioned belief – that the customer is our most valuable asset.

Serving the propane energy needs for customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire and Vermont for over 50 years, the Osterman family goal has always been to provide excellent service and value with:Pumping Propane

Pricing and payment plans

  • Pre-pay: Receive our best price for propane when you pre-pay for your annual gallons
  • Monthly budget: Spread the cost of your annual propane energy needs conveniently over 11 monthly payments
  • Autopay: Automatically make a payment in the amount of your choice with a credit card or bank account

Online account services

  • Delivery: Request a delivery or service appointment
  • Bill pay: View and pay bills online or enroll in Autopay
  • Account status: Review your account activity and much more!

Community support

Osterman Propane is a proud supporter of community causes across the 1200 cities and towns we serve. In conjunction with the Osterman Family Foundation, we have helped countless causes both large and small in the communities where our customers reside.

Osterman Propane offers value

Appliances fueled by propane are extremely energy efficient, and when compared to the price of fuel oil and electricity, offer you the most value for your energy budget.

Osterman Propane is clean

Considering Full Fuel Cycle analysis, a propane appliance in the home has far fewer emissions than electricity produced by a fossil fueled power plant. Propane appliances operate at high efficiency and propane itself does not pollute groundwater or act as a greenhouse gas.

We can meet nearly all of your home’s major energy needs both inside and out, efficiently and effectively!

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Propane 101

What is propane?

Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel, which is created as a by-product of oil and natural gas refining. Under pressure, propane gas becomes a liquid. The liquid is then delivered by truck and pumped into the tank at your home. When you turn on an appliance, the liquid in the tank boils off into a gas and is burned by the appliance.

Where does it come from?

In 2011, the United States became a new exporter of propane and 99% of the propane used in New England comes from North America. Of late, vast propane and natural gas reserves have been discovered in the Marcellus Shale in New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It is expected that these reserves could provide enough energy to supply the Northeast for the next 100 years.

The environment

Next to natural gas, propane has the second-lowest greenhouse gas emissions; lower than fuel oil and far lower than electricity from a fossil fueled power plant. Since much of the electricity production in New England relies on fossil fuels, it is far better for the environment to use a high efficiency gas appliance than an electric one. And over a 20 year service life, a propane furnace emits 2,415 fewer pounds of CO2 than a typical oil furnace.

Usage and consumption

Propane consumption depends on numerous factors. In order to provide a rough guideline, below are some typical annual consumption rates for Osterman Propane customers.

Usage Type Annual Gallons
All Gas Home 1000-2000
Heat & Hot Water 800-1500
Pool Heating 250
Fireplace / Space Heating 100-250
Hot Water 150-250
Clothes Dryer 30-40
Cooking 25-40