PoolAfter such a long and cold winter, why should you wait to go swimming? Get your pool up temperature quickly with a propane powered pool heater. A propane pool heater will have you ready for a dip in May while also extending your swimming season into the fall.

Propane pool heaters are available for every size underground and above ground pool. Sized correctly, a propane pool heater can take your pool from freezing to balmy in just a few days. Once up to temperature, the pool heater will automatically keep the water at just the right temperature. This means the water is ready for your enjoyment when most others haven’t even uncovered their pools!

Propane vs. heat pumps

When pool owners make the decision to heat their pool, there are two options – gas fired or electric heat pumps. While heat pumps do have a high efficiency and may require less maintenance, there are significant advantages for a propane unit:

  • Cost of operation – This winter saw incredibly high electric rates. Even with high efficiency, heat pumps can cost more to operate vs. gas on a seasonal basis.
  • Capability – Heat pumps require warm humid weather to transfer that energy from the air to the pool. Cool days and cold nights in spring and early fall hamper the ability of a heat pump to warm your pool when you want it the most.
  • Temperature rise – Heat pumps raise temperatures through long run cycles, meaning slow recovery times. A properly sized gas heater is able to get up to temperature much faster than a comparable heat pump.
  • Electric Demand – How large is the overall electric service to your home? Multiple air conditioners, a pool heat pump, combined with summer brownouts will certainly put a strain on your system.

Cost of Operation

This is of course the biggest factor when deciding to make the investment in a pool heater. Unfortunately, it is also one of the hardest costs to predict. There are numerous factors including heater size, pool size, temperature setting, weather, solar cover use, and sun exposure.

To at least offer a rough guide, the typical Osterman Propane pool heat customer uses 250 gallons during the summer. Contact your local customer service center for our current pool heat pricing to get an idea of your cost for the season.