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To our customers in CT, RI and Southeastern Mass.
Thank you for Shoveling!
Keep those vents clear!
Keep those vents clear!

A reminder to customers that we need your help so that our drivers can make their deliveries efficiently and safely.

Please make an effort to:

Ensure that your driveway is plowed properly - Icy and snowy driveways lead to stuck trucks. Also remember, our trucks are nearly 12' wide. Just because your car can fit doesn't mean we can too.

Please clear a path to your propane tanks - Our drivers will always make their best efforts to complete your delivery. However, buried underground tank domes or long pulls with a heavy hose through deep snow makes their job much harder.

Keep appliance intakes and exhaust clear - Blocked vents can present a very serious hazard. Keep both intakes and exhaust free and clear of snow to ensure proper ventilation and operation.

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