Osterman 50th AnniversaryThe company was founded by Ernest Osterman whose mother and father emigrated from Holland around 1900. Ernest was born and raised in Whitinsville, entering the Marine Corps in 1948 and serving until 1956 including combat action in the Korean War.

Ernest was able to begin his career in the propane industry with benefits from the GI bill in1954 and purchased the business in 1960. Over the past 50 years, through organic growth and acquisitions, the company today serves over 80,000 customers across the Northeast and employs over 200 team members. The company is also one of the 20 largest propane marketers in the United States.

Today, E. Osterman Inc is headquartered in the former Whitins Memorial Bank in Whitinsville, MA. Growing up in Whitinsville, Ernest would often sit on the stone wall in front of the building. One day the bank president opened his window and yelled at Ernest to get off the wall and go away. Young Ernest responded to president that some day he would own that building. Today, there are 3 generations working at the company. His son, Vincent serves as President and his grandson Timothy serves as an operations manager for the Northbridge customer service center. Now at 80 years of age, Ernest still remains active in the company’s progress.

Being good corporate citizens, E. Osterman Inc has taken pride in the company’s mission to support local charitable organizations in the regions we serve. The company and Osterman family has served as major donors for many major non-profit building projects over the years including, the Whitin Community Center, Milford Regional Hospital, and Alternatives Unlimited. In order to continue this legacy, Ernest started the Ernest Osterman family fund in association with the Greater Worcester Community Fund in 1995.

Osterman Timeline